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In 2003 our co-founder, Phil LeNir, was director of engineering at a high tech firm struggling to deal with layoffs and business changes due to the dot.com crash. He needed to do something to get his management team back on track, but he had no budget and no time. Phil turned to Henry Mintzberg, a business school professor from McGill University. Henry is famous for changing the way MBA's are taught.

Henry suggested Phil get his team together to "reflect on their natural experiences in light of conceptual ideas." So Phil started having regular management meetings for his team to learn from each other and coach themselves. Their 90-minute learning meetings were guided by material from the business school professors teaching in Henrys' programs. This became a form of peer-coaching guided by leadership content structured in Henry Mintzberg’s pedagogical approach. It had an immediate impact on Phil and everyone on his team.

In 2007, Henry and Phil launched CoachingOurselves. CoachingOurselves peer-coaching programs are now used by over 15,000 managers in 8 languages around the world.

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