Learning and Performance through Peer-Coaching

In 2003 our co-founder was director of engineering at a high tech firm struggling to deal with the effects of the dot.com crash. He began searching for a management and leadership development solution. It had to work for him and everyone on his team, fit their busy schedule and be inexpensive. Most importantly it had to make an immediate impact and keep making an impact as business needs changed.

Our co-founder, Phil LeNir, turned to Henry Mintzberg, a business school professor from McGill University. Henry Mintzberg had been changing the way MBA's are taught. Together they came up with a simple approach based on Mintzberg's decades of work in management education.

The CoachingOurselves approach helps middle managers across organizations collaborate, coach and learn from each other. It is simple to implement, up to 75% less expensive than classroom based solutions and far more effective than e-learning. It improves collaboration and builds community, improving culture and engagement.

CoachingOurselves is currently used by over 15,000 managers in 8 languages around the world. 

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Meet Mintzberg, Jennings, Pontefract

Come to Montreal, Sept 10th-11th. There will be workshops with Henry Mintzberg, Charles Jennings, Dan Pontefract and more. Register soon, space is limited!

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