Beverley Patwell

Patwell, Beverley is founder and principal of Patwell Consulting, an organizational development practitioner, consultant, professor, author and executive coach. Beverley is dedicated to helping people learn, lead and work together to achieve meaningful change that addresses business needs, delivers results and positively impacts the world. Beverley has a Masters Degree in Applied Social Sciences-Human Systems Intervention and is a certified Executive Coach. She is a partner with CoachingOurselves, ExperiencePoint, an associate coach with the Niagara Institute and teaches Change Leadership Essentials at Mendoza College, Stayer Center for Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame and Designing Change at Queen’s University IRC Program. She is also the author of Triple Impact Coaching: Use of Self in the Coaching Process and several articles and tools on leadership, change and coaching. Beverley lives in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.