September 6-9, 2017


Leadership Development that changes the world for the better!

What is Reflections 2017 Global Conference? Two highly interactive days, 15+ renown speakers, the Great Canadian Canoe Trip and a lot more! 

Built around Henry Mintzberg’s approach to leadership development, communityship, and views of rebalancing society, the Reflections 2017 Global Conference is a unique opportunity to interact directly with top management thinkers, leaders, and pioneers from around the world. This unique conference is made of two interconnected parts:

  • Day one will focus on exploring CoachingOurselves, Mintzberg’s approach to peer-coaching groups. A unique chance to interact and learn directly from Henry Mintzberg, Philip Kotler, Edgar Schein, Estelle Métayer and other thought leaders, and explore how leadership development can change the world for the better.
  • Day two will center around Henry Mintzberg’s ideas on Rebalancing Society. This day, hosted in collaboration with Atypic, will be an inspiring gathering of L&D and operational leaders from across the private, public, and plural sectors. A powerful grouping of leaders and speakers such as Dan Pontefract, Mitch Joel and Jonathan Gosling, coming together to work towards a better world.
  • The Reflections 2017 Global Conference will be preceded by a half day of CoachingOurselves Master Classes, for all levels of practitioners, including professionals who have never before used CoachingOurselves.
  • As it is the tradition with Henry and his team, escape in nature at The Great Canadian Canoe Trip in Mont-Tremblant, on Saturday September 9th!

The modern leadership development professional is constantly challenged to deliver engaging programs with organizational impact. The Reflections 2017 Global Conference is the key opportunity for OD and HR Professionals to gather and learn from Henry Mintzberg and other thought leaders, in order to make the most of your peer-coaching groups.

Attendees will experience:

  • Keynotes – From prominent thought leaders and the CoachingOurselves team.
  • Customer insights – Real world stories of how customers and partners of CoachingOurselves, the Henry Mintzberg Program, are creating leadership development programs which develop individuals, teams and change the organization.
  • Global Update – Updates from CoachingOurselves partners around the world.
  • What’s new and next – What is coming from CoachingOurselves 2017 – Be the first to discover the innovating ways of developing leadership!
  • Peer Networking – Extensive opportunities for peer networking, knowledge sharing and benchmarking.
  • Entertainment – It’s not all work – you also get to party with your peers!



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Attendees will rececive a free copy of Dan Pontefract’s book:
The Purpose Effect: Building Meaning in Yourself, Your Role and Your Organization