Hiroshi Komoriya

Hiroshi Komoriya

Consultant, J-Feel

Doctorate (Business administration), lecturer in the Department of International Business and Management, Faculty of Business Administration, Kanagawa University

Active in the field of creating “consonant organizations.” More specifically, through reflection and dialogue, focuses on 1) organizational development in which the management community is central, 2) rediscovering ways to live and work originating in deep self-awareness, and 3) the formulation and sharing of paths in which one’s own standards and the values of an organization reverberate and align. Gives particular attention to Oriental wisdom as a methodology of self-awareness, particularly the Ten Bulls. Develops enriching workshops in which participants not only understand with their minds but also experience with their bodies. Interests include meditation and qigong. Enjoys exploring Zen and management studies, two fields which at first glance seem far removed from each other.

Mesurer le ROI et construire une entreprise de coaching CoachingOurselves : histoires du Japon

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

Dans cette double session, nous avons le grand plaisir de présenter la branche japonaise de CoachingOurselves. Découvrez les réalisations exceptionnelles de CoachingOurselves au Japon et les puissants résultats d’affaires observés et mesurés avec l’un de leurs premiers clients, le Groupe Fujitsu. En moins de 10 ans, J-Feel inc. a construit une entreprise prospère qui emploie […]

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