Stories from the field: Three HR leaders Using CoachingOurselves

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

Three HR leaders share their best practices getting started with CoachingOurselves, deploying, and using it within organisations. You will hear their methods for training internal facilitators, mobilizing participants, generating impact, and evaluating the results for organizations.

Story 1:

Working Together to Lead, Manage and Inspire Healthy Community
Camosun College, Victoria British Columbia

Camosun College offers more than 15 health and human service programs, including degrees, post-degree diplomas, certificates, diplomas and university transfer courses.

Throughout 2016-2017 the Dean of Health and Human Services, along with her leadership team, participated in a CoachingOurselves program. It was designed to provide them with opportunities to reflect on their practice of leading and managing as they developed their new strategic plan; a plan that included breaking ground for a new building in a new location. This meant significant changes for the team. The CoachingOurselves modules helped the team to strengthen their ability to work together, allowed them to establish a shared mindset, and finally, advanced their leadership and management practices.

Cynthia Smith, the Dean of Health and Human Sciences, and Beverley Patwell of Patwell Consulting will provide you with:

    • – An overview of the context and CoachingOurselves program design.
    • – An overview of the evaluation process used for the CoachingOurselves program.
    • – Reflections on how CoachingOurselves can be used to develop leaders and managers in an academic environment and in support of transformational change.
        Cynthia Smith will be doing the presentation virtually.


Story 2:
Staples Canada began a small-scale pilot of CoachingOurselves peer-coaching in 2016 and expanded in 2017 to a larger-scale program. In this session you will learn about the typical first stages of a CoachingOurselves implementation and expansion into an organization with hundreds of detail stores across the country. This is an opportunity to learn about CoachingOurselves in a large retail organization.


Story 3:
BCD Travel is a 13,000 employee travel management organization spread across the world. They began a first pilot with CoachingOurselves in 2015 as a tool to stimulate learning across functions during a leadership off site and have since expanded CoachingOurselves into other initiatives. In this session the director of leadership development will share their successes and lessons learned deploying CoachingOurselves peer-coaching across a global organization.

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