J-Feel and the CoachingOurselves Japan Journey

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

Exploration of Deeper Reflection

Harnessing Zen as Methodology of Self-Awareness

In Japan, CoachingOurselves has been developed under the name “Reflection Round Table.” More than 3,626 managers at 72 companies have experienced Reflection Round Table, and it has achieved significant results not only in cultivating better managers but also in organizational development. One of the unique characteristics of Reflection Round Table in Japan is “deeper reflection.” And one of the key pillars of deeper reflection is self-awareness. This includes the baggage and cognitive distortions you carry that you are not normally aware of and even seek to avoid if possible. The foundation of this methodology takes its influence from the Oriental tradition of Zen. In this session, you will experience the Ten Bulls, an introductory text on Zen.

CoachingOurselves Track 1