Designing Solutions for Social Change through Friendly Consulting

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

Now we help you integrate your learning and insights into action with the powerful Friendly Consulting process created by Professor Jonathan Gosling. You will receive support and insights from our speakers and your peers to move your learning and ideas into effective and realistic actions. This will help you catalyze social change through your organization and your work. Friendly Consulting provides a structured, responsive, and supportive environment to get feedback, insight, and advice from colleagues and peers.

The goal of this session is to:
– Draw on participants’ persona experiences to provide insight and possible solutions.
– Gain insight into some of your own current issues by helping others with theirs.
– Benefit from the support of peers

The Friendly Consulting process is used in world class programs such as the Internal Masters For Practicing Managers, The International Masters for Health Leadership, One Planet MBA, Forward Institute and more. It is also now available as a CoachingOurselves “Element” through certified CoachingOurselves partners.

Note: As part of this session our colleague from Japan, Naoko Saito will share a brief report on the challenges of NPOs in Japan and our colleague Jean-Christophe Carteron will share a brief report on the UN sustainability literacy test using Mintzberg’s Rebalancing Society module.

There will be a 10 minute break in the middle of this session.



Rebalancing Society