Peer-mentoring 70:20:10

Soprano C Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

The 70:20:10 framework is used by thousands of organisations around the world to guide their L&D efforts. This is an opportunity to engage with this framework, to be exposed to best practices, and to come to some conclusions on how you can build a learning culture in your day-to-day as a L&D professional.

Warren Cohen will facilitate the CoachingOurselves module written by Charles Jennings the 70:20:10 Framework. This session is for L&D professionals who are interested in learning more about the 70:20:10 Framework, while at the same time practicing the CoachingOurselves peer-coaching process.

This session has been run in numerous L&D conferences/workshops and is always a big hit with participants!

CoachingOurselves Track 2