Online Peer-Coaching with CoachingOurselves: Lessons Learned

The Centre for Sustainable Development: Clark Hall

CoachingOurselves and it’s partners have been piloting a variety of online options to bring CoachingOurselves online and enable faster scaling. In this session Phil Lenir and Monica Redden will share their experiences facilitating CoachingOurselves peer-coaching sessions online using the Facebook Workplace platform and Linkedin groups, launching and supporting CoachingOurselves groups on online video conference, and dealing with the challenge of supporting and managing large volumes of participants.

In this session you will learn:

  • How the Facebook workplaces and Linkedin group online pilots were structured, how they worked, the results observed and next steps.
  • How the open enrollment with online video conferencing pilots were structured and how they worked.
  • The challenges of supporting and managing large volumes of participants and tools and processes used to mitigate these issues.
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