Fixing Democracy and Capitalism

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

“As you’re aware, we live in a time where rational voices are increasingly questioning the shortcomings of capitalism. We have brought together a community of business thought-leaders and professionals, along with their socially active counterparts, to actively discuss the issues and propose needed solutions that are both sensible and meaningful.”

In this session Professor Philip Kotler, the father of Modern Marketing, shares his latest thinking around the themes of his most recent books: Fixing Capitalism and Democracy in Decline: Rebuilding its Future. He will share 14 points that highlight the areas where capitalism is falling short. He will inspire and challenge us, as concerned citizens, to better understand the challenges and see possible solutions.

This session will provide a conceptual framework around which each of us, as citizens and professionals, can think through what we can do within our chosen professions and careers.

Rebalancing Society