Ekaterina Timokhina

Ekaterina Timokhina

Director, Team Training

Ekaterina Timokhina is a CoachingOurselves practitioner since summer 2016. Ekaterina is a coach, MSC in coaching, with a special interest in Change, and people and teams development. She live in Moscow, Russia, and manages Team Training, a company with 6 consultants working on a constant basis. The company exists in Moscow since 1992. Team Training is known for the team building effect that happens on all of our courses, high level of interaction, and our change focus. Clients approach Team Training, for example, when an internal poll showed a low level of engagement and company wants to make a change in employees attitude.

Speed Sharing with 4 CoachingOurselves Practitioners

Soprano C Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

This is your opportunity to get a rapid-fire introduction to experiences, stories, and successes of practitioners using CoachingOurselves. Four tables, 15 minutes per table. During this session you will learn: Tips, tricks and techniques from fellow practitioners to make CoachingOurselves work for your organization. Insights into using peer-coaching to solve business problems.

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