Ken Senda

Ken Senda

Corporate Vice President, Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory

Ken Senda is currently Corporate Vice President of Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory, SSL, a subsidiary of Fujitsu. Mr Senda has 36 years business experience with Japanese ICT (Information and Communications Technology). He began his career as a system engineer developing customer application systems.

In the last 6 years, he has been managing the Administration Division. He had a mandate to train ICT’ middle managers with more sophisticated approaches, as technology had changed in leaps and bounds but their management style had not. CoachingOurselves has given them one of the solutions. Now Fujitsu SSL has over 130 middle managers certified with Coaching Ourselves, and they are managing their tasks and resources under the Big Change of ICT.

Stories from Japan: Building a CoachingOurselves Business and Measuring ROI

IMAGINATION Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

This is a two-part session. In the first part, learn about the outstanding accomplishments of CoachingOurselves Japan, J-Feel Inc. In less than 10 years, J-Feel inc., has built a successful thriving business of 20 consultants who have successfully deployed CoachingOurselves across Japan to hundreds of clients. You will learn what they did to get started, […]

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