Kentaro Iijima

Kentaro Iijima

President, Kentaro office Former Corporate Senior Vice President, Fujitsu Marketing

From 1966 to 1998 I participated in the first cycle of Henry Mintzberg’s IMPM (International Master Program for Managers). I have been promoting Coaching Ourselves in Japan now for more than 10 years. Currently more than 2000 managers in Japan have completed this program; in Fujitsu alone, more than 500 managers.

Building on my 40 years of experience at Fujitsu HR, I recently established my office, Kentaro office, in Tokyo in 2016. I am promoting two initiatives which are peer learning systems in Fujitsu Group companies. I started Fujitsu Marketing In-house Business School with Yokohma Business School part of Yokohama National Universtiy. This in-house business school has just celebrated 6 years! Another initiative is Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory In-house MOT School which I designed and started this past April with Tokyo University of Science. Many CoachingOurselves modules are being used in these In-house business schools.

I am additionally an associated research scholar of the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, and a member of the International Advisory Board of Exeter Business School, University of Exeter.

Fujitsu and measuring ROI with CoachingOurselves

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

Fujitsu Group Companies have been using CoachingOurselves in Japan for over 8 years. In this session Mr. Makoto Hatta, CEO of Fujitsu Systems Applications & Support Limited, Ken Senda, Corporate Vice President of Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory, and Kentaro Iijima, Former Corporate Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Marketing will share their stories. In this session […]

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