Makoto Hatta

Makoto Hatta

Président, Fujitsu Systems Application & Support Limited

Makoto Hatta is the current president and CEO of Fujitsu Systems Applications & Support, a subsidiary of Fujitsu. Mr. Hatta has been in the ICT business for over 37 years.

Mr. Hatta began his involvement with organizational development in 2005, as a board member of Fujitsu Tohoku Systems Engineering, a then subsidiary of Fujitsu. He developed an original training program for team leaders, for business innovations which could be accomplished by team leaders of the company. This program continued until 2011. During that time, he read an article about CoachingOurselves (CO), which was written by Mr. Iijima, in an in-house journal of Fujitsu Social Science laboratory. Mr. Hatta was interested in the method of performing 90-minute sessions with breaks between those sessions. Some years passed and in 2016, as the president and CEO of Fujitsu Systems Applications & Support, Mr. Hatta felt the need for a team leader-centered business innovation. He chose CO without any hesitation. As a result of CO, two major effects were noticed. Firstly, there was now mutual cooperation between different units or divisions. Secondly, a number of participants improved their ability significantly to the point where they were now considered for managerial positions.

Fujitsu and measuring ROI with CoachingOurselves

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

Fujitsu Group Companies have been using CoachingOurselves in Japan for over 8 years. In this session Mr. Makoto Hatta, CEO of Fujitsu Systems Applications & Support Limited, Ken Senda, Corporate Vice President of Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory, and Kentaro Iijima, Former Corporate Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Marketing will share their stories. In this session […]

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