Pascal Lépine

Pascal Lépine

President and Founder Atypic

In another life, Pascal Lepine studied French literature and planned to become a poet, but that was before he started his own business at the tender age of 22 and then founded the International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC) just a few years later. Over his career, which has been “Atypical” to say the least, he has met with the President of Brazil, advised senior management at companies like IBM, ING, Accor, KPMG and BT, and been asked to chair a $2-million fundraising campaign at just 27 years of age by Andrée Ménard, a missionary sister of Immaculée-Conception. Somehow, he also managed to way complete a joint McGill-HEC executive MBA under the supervision of Henry Mintzberg.

Making Social Change Happen — Discussion Panel

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

This highly interactive discussion panel, facilitated by Pascal Lépine, will be composed of members of the public, private, and plural sectors. Attendees will be inspired by stories of how the panelists achieved social change within their own environment and have insights as to how they, whether as citizens or as professionals working in large organizations, […]

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