Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler

Marketing author, consultant, and professor

Philip Kotler is known as the “Father of Modern Marketing”. He is the S.C. Johnson & Son Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Illinois. He has authored 60 books and over 150 articles. Professor Kotler has recently launched a website and is currently working on a book entitled “Saving Democracy”. Kotler envisions returning to a healthier, more sustainable capitalism where private and public link forces for positive change. He envisions a bold new direction for creating a society that offers a better and fairer chance to all citizens.

Professor Philip Kotler has long been THE global thinker in the field of marketing. His latest work on Confronting Capitalism focuses on economic justice and the shortcomings of capitalism.

Amidst its dire assessment of what’s ailing us, Confronting Capitalism delivers a heartening message: We can turn things around. Movements toward shared prosperity and a higher purpose are reinvigorating companies large and small, while proposals abound on government policies that offer protections without stagnation. Kotler identifies the best ideas, linking private and public initiatives into a force for positive change.

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Fixing Democracy and Capitalism

Soprano AB Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

“As you’re aware, we live in a time where rational voices are increasingly questioning the shortcomings of capitalism. We have brought together a community of business thought-leaders and professionals, along with their socially active counterparts, to actively discuss the issues and propose needed solutions that are both sensible and meaningful.” In this session Professor Philip […]

Rebalancing Society

A CoachingOurselves Session on Brand building

Soprano C Room at Hyatt Regency Montreal

The Financial Times named Professor Philip Kotler the 4th most influential business writer/management guru of all times after Peter Drucker, Bill Gates and Jack Welch. This session is a unique opportunity to use Professor Kotler’s CoachingOurselves module on Brand Building hosted by the author himself. Professor Kotler will provide an introduction to the module and […]

CoachingOurselves Track 2